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Commercial Tool Suites

Selected Commercial Linux Verilog or VHDL Simulators

C Modelling tools available on Linux

  • CynApps - Cynlib libraries and tools for doing hardware design in C++.
  • SystemC - A system modelling solution for C++, supported by several CAD companies.

Other Commercial Linux EDA Vendors

  • Source III, Inc offers a collection of tools for processing and converting test vectors, generating test stimulus, and comparing results.
  • Mentor Graphics - HDL Designer, a graphical HDL design and management environment.
  • TransEDA - Verification Navigator
  • Verisity - Specman Elite
  • CadSoft - PCB layout software
  • Stabie-Soft - back end layout tools, schematic capture, LVS, and more. Now supports 64-bit AMD Opteron processors.
  • Silicon Valley Research - A variety of IC physical design tools. Their site quotes some very favorable Linux benchmark results showing that Linux provides benefits beyond low cost and reliability.

Linux as part of embedded systems

  • Ziatech offers embedded systems that support Linux.

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